Benefit Cosmetics 15-Hour Stay Flawless Primer

Does Benefit's new primer help foundation stay fresh and last longer? Friday, 19 April 2013

By Stephanie Cavagnaro

Does Benefit's new primer help foundation stay fresh and last longer?

I realised something needed to change when I began applying anti-chafing gel to my face. It's been a struggle to find the perfect primer-foundation combination that doesn't look heavy, thick and caked on. But after far too many purchases and pseudo-primer attempts, I gave up and grudgingly re-applied foundation throughout the day instead.

So I was admittedly sceptical when Benefit Cosmetics' polka-dot clad representatives unveiled the new Stay Flawless 15-Hour PRO-long Primer. The product promises to act like a magnet by instantly locking on to foundation, ensuring make-up stays put, lasts longer and remains fresh. At the launch, I was colour-matched by a member of the Hello Flawless team and sent home with a sample.

While testing out the product, the smooth primer stick made it easy to glide directly onto my skin. It absorbed quickly, blended well and evened out my skin tone. After applying both primer and foundation, I was amazed that I had a very matte, natural look. My foundation went on smoother with the primer and gave my skin a healthy glow. To top it off, I had the hydrating and brightening product on all day and it didn't budge.

At £24.50, Benefit's primer won't be a frequent purchase for me, but I plan to keep a stick around for dull-faced days. It can be swept on lightly for a barely-there look or more heavily to disguise blemishes and imperfections.

If your skin needs a pick-me-up, Benefit's 15-Hour Primer arrives on counters in July 2013.

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