Secret RF micro-needling at Wimpole Aesthetics

Can gold-plated needles that deliver energy deep into the dermis really make skin look younger? Monday, 13 May 2013

By Sam Lewis

Can gold-plated needles that deliver energy deep into the dermis really make skin look younger?

Let's be crystal clear. This isn't a pampering, 24-carat facial where a golden mask glints and sparkles as you lie back and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage. I'm not trying this treatment for pleasure, but results — to reduce pigmentation problems, fine lines and pore size. What woman wouldn't endure a bit of pain for that?

My face is numb from a topical anaesthetic but I can still feel the hundreds of tiny, gold-plated needles penetrate my skin. The handpiece is small (about 1cm by 1cm) and each time it's placed on a section of my face there's a short pause before the needles pierce holes in my skin and release radio frequency (RF) energy in the form of heat.

It takes about an hour to cover my face with tiny pin pricks, making my skin feel warm and tender. Some parts are less painful than others and I'm at the mercy of my doctor who can control the level of pain by programming the machine to make the needles shorter and deliver less energy. Treatments start from about 0.5cms and can reach a daunting 3.5cms. Today, I stomach a depth of 1.8cm, but some women (with problems such as acne scars) endure 3.5cm — they're obviously made of stronger stuff than me.

I leave the clinic looking like I've fallen asleep in the sun. My face feels warm and tight and I have to keep it smothered with cream for 48 hours but, by the next morning, the redness has thankfully subsided. Whereas traditional resurfacing lasers work by burning the surface of your face, causing significant downtime and skin shedding, this device distributes the RF energy below the skin.

A couple of days later, my skin is glowing and my pores have diminished. But it's what's going on underneath the surface of my skin that I'm really exited about. Over the next few months, the RF energy will stimulate new collagen to plump lines and wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. Who needs a gold facial?

From £800 per session. Up to three recommended.

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