Beauty Angel ELT therapy at Spa Illuminata, London

It sounds counter-intuitive, but can shining a bright light on your face improve your skin? Friday, 21 June 2013

By Helen Warwick

It sounds counter-intuitive, but can shining a bright light on your face improve your skin?

Sitting under a beaming bright light might sound like a recipe for prune-like skin and wrinkles, but, according to the people behind the Beauty Angel Energising Light Technology (ELT), the light emitted during this treatment helps your skin produce its own collagen, hydration and elastin.

There are no needles, no invasive procedures, and certainly no UV rays. The science behind it, claims Beauty Angel, uses a broad active spectrum instead of selective wavelengths, ranging from 570 – 850 nanometres. The rays cover a spectrum of colours emitting red and yellow tones, which help ‘heal' the skin. Only one way to find out.

On arrival, my therapist thoroughly cleansed my skin before leading me into a separate room and directing me to lie back in a chair. Resting goggles on my eyes, she explained a light would be beamed on my face and decolletage for around 15 minutes — and with that she flicked on a switch and a large machine to my left shook into action.

I winced initially and squinted — the light was extremely bright and my eyes watered, but after a couple of minutes they became accustomed to it. The light was neither warm nor cold, and I couldn't feel anything ‘happening' to my skin. I simply lay there and gradually relaxed into the light. Beauty Angel likens the experience to lying on a beach in the tropical sunshine — and it's not far off to be honest.

Bringing the machine to a standstill, my therapist covered my face with a towel and I was free to go after getting used to the light of the room. The result? Not a lot, I'm afraid. Beauty Angel says after just one session “you will feel refreshed, look brighter, have a visible glow and feel hydrated”. And after 10, the treatment can “treat puffy eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles, fade age spots, promote hair and nail growth, help diminish stretch marks and scars, help with skin problems such as acne and give you a wonderful sense of wellbeing”.

I did feel wide awake but I'll have to continue the course if I want it to iron the crepey skin around my eyes.

Beauty Angel ELT at Spa Illuminata costs £45 for 30 mins, including a cleanse. You can also add the therapy onto any facial.

63 South Audley Street, London, W1K 2QS. T: 020 7499 7777.

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