Diversity is Trinidad

Trinidad is an island of the 'many' — many faces, cultures, culinary experiences, wildlife offerings, caves and waterfalls, swamps and wetlands, along with numerous activities, including hiking, abseiling, kayaking, paddleboarding, diving and much more

By Trinidad Tobago TDC
Published 7 Jun 2015, 11:00 BST

The island of Trinidad, along with it's sibling Tobago, is located only seven miles off the northern coast of Venezuela. Although it's closer to the Latin American continent than to it's nearest Caribbean neighbour, Trinidad is considered to be more a part of the West Indian region than South America.

Located beneath the hurricane belt, this island boasts year-round good weather for travellers seeking an exotic adventure.

Physically, the island of Trinidad caters for explorers of all types — its Northern Mountain Range alone has 30 waterfalls, as well as meandering rivers, streams and limestone caves. This ecosystem plays host to a plethora of wildlife, including 97 native mammal species, over 400 species of birds, 55 of reptiles, 25 of amphibians and 617 of butterflies, as well as over 2,200 species of flowering plants.

Trinidad's rich and colourful history has simmered over the past 800 years, producing a diverse melting pot of culinary delights and cultural signifiers, the like of which isn't found anywhere else. With food ranging from Thai to Creole, presented in everything from fine dining restaurants to street food stalls, every palette is catered for.

With eight major religions in Trinidad, many festivals derive from religious observances. Muslim festivals include Hosay and Eid-ul-Fitr, while the major Hindu celebrations are Divali and Phagwa, which rival Carnival, if not in scale then in creativity and colour. Carnival on the island is said to be the 'greatest show on Earth', with the main celebration held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in February or March. It's a showcase of creativity — not only in the colourful costumes, but also in the music and dance.


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