The graphic: London's skyline

With yet another skyscraper — the 1,000ft-high 'trellis' — earmarked for the capital, it's time to get to know London's ever-changing skylineSaturday, 11 March 2017

1 // BT Tower // 627ft
A child of the Cold War era, it was designed to withstand a nuclear blast and houses a bunker complete with chemical toilets.

2 // London eye // 443ft
On average, it receives more visitors per year than the Taj Mahal and Pyramids of Giza. There's no number 13 capsule, for good luck.

3 // Strata SE1 // 486ft
The turbines on The Razor are audible to those on the upper floors, so they're switched off at night, reducing the amount of power generated.

4 //The Shard // 1,016ft
Europe's tallest building. During construction, a fox was found by workers on the 72nd storey.

5 // Tower 42 // 600ft
Seen from above, the shape of the tower resembles the logo of its original owner, NatWest Bank PLC.

6 // 20 Fenchurch Street // 525ft
The Walkie Talkie contains a three-storey public garden at the top.

7 // 122 Leadenhall // 737ft
The roof of the Cheesegrater is home to a falcon's nest.

8 // One Canada Square // 770ft
Upon its completion in 1991, it enjoyed a very short run as the tallest building in Europe.

Tall world

A skyscraper is any building over 150m (492ft) high. Compared to other cities, London really only has a few.

Hong Kong: 316

New York: 243

Dubai: 153

Shanghai: 148

London: 19

Published in the March 2017 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)

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