Luthan Hotel and Spa, Saudi Arabia

The Luthan Lifestyle Hotel & Wellness Sanctuary in Riyadh is the first women-only facility of its kind in the Middle East

Published 3 Mar 2017, 10:58 GMT

The Luthan Lifestyle Hotel & Wellness Sanctuary in Riyadh is the first women-only facility of its kind in the Middle East. With a focus on holistic wellness, the interiors are designed to reflect the spirit of the region’s culture. Calligraphy-adorned walls and spiralling mosaics subliminally guide visitors to awareness.

Guests at the Luthan Lifestyle Hotel & Wellness Sanctuary are welcomed with a rejuvenating foot soak, a luxurious aromatic bath, and a sampling of a reviving massage.

Operating on the understanding that every individual is unique, Luthan reaches out to every guest with personalised offerings, from colour-coded rooms to bespoke wellness and wellbeing options en suite or in private studios.This lifestyle hotel offers women an escape from the frenetic pace of life; a haven with access to rejuvenation and transformation. Aptly called the ‘Sanctuary’, Luthan is an authentic and consistent well-being hotel that leaves guests in awe.

Boasting an extensive wellness menu, Luthan’s creative vision is apparent in its service offerings. The Spa promotes inner wellness through integrated healing and relaxation techniques. Holistically designed spa and retreat programmes focus on elements of nature, with self-realisation, relational awareness and transformation as the guiding principles.

Kinesis-based fitness, conscious eating and healthy lifestyles are all part of the journey to wellness. Guests at the restaurant are treated to a specially curated selection of delicious and nutritious dishes.

In keeping with its ‘inner beauty, external radiance’ philosophy, The Salon at Luthan sets trends in an eco-conscious space. The spa, salon and studios facilitate pampering in a sophisticated sensory environment.

The Luthan Lifestyle Hotel explores the possibilities of optimising healthy lifestyles. The holistic environment seems to slow time down, enabling one’s senses to listen to the rhythm of one’s soul, gently guiding the individual further on their personal journey to wholeness. The hotel is the ultimate reflection of an urban retreat.

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A rejuvenating foot soak, an aromatic bath and a reviving massage are available to welcome all guests on arrival

Need to know

Key Treatments

• Skincare and aesthetics
• Body wraps and exfoliation
• Thermal therapy
• Clay, mud and fangotherapy
• Balneotherapy
• Ayurveda
• Naturopathy
• Traditional Chinese Medicine
• Nutrition, health and fitness consultations

Key Facilities

• 25 contemporary rooms
• 24-hour healthy dining options
• Fitness studios
• Gymnasium
• Indoor heated resistance pool
• Aqua meditation room
• Hydro pools

Contact Information
T: +966 1 4807799

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