Travel video of the week: London

This week, we're delving beneath the streets of London

Friday, July 7, 2017,
By National Geographic Traveller (UK)

There's a strong love/hate relationship with the warren of tunnels that zig-zag under our capital. Creative team In Return has got us looking at them in a slightly more adoring way this afternoon though.

Guus and Tayfun say: "We have a thing with tunnels. The underground of London is one of the most impressive infrastructures of the world. It's a network that transports millions of people every day. Some call it hell. We see beauty. The infinite tunnels pull us in with their symmetry. The ceiling lights guide our eyes to the horizon. The tiles and posters form patterns that please the eye. The echoes of rushing crowds, a flickering light, a train zooming by."

Watch more of their work on Vimeo.

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