Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan launch 'The Kiwi Wild Show'

Amazing animal fact: there are only 50,000 kiwis left on Planet Earth and their numbers are dwindling fast. It's crunch time for the kiwi, and Old Mout Cider has hatched a plan to save this very special and endangered bird

By Old Mout
Published 1 Oct 2017, 12:00 BST

Joining forces with former BBC Really Wild Show presenters Michaela Strachan and Chris Packham, Old Mout have launched a new online TV show – The Kiwi Wild Show.

Created to raise awareness of the bird's risk of extinction, The Kiwi Wild Show is free to watch on Old Mout's UK YouTube channel. The show supports and promotes New Zealand-based charity, Kiwis for kiwi, and is anchored by the passionate and vivacious TV conservation champions Strachan and Packham, on a mission to urge viewers to help save the kiwi.

New Zealanders are so fond of the kiwi, they're even named after it. So when statistics revealed that the fluffy, long-beaked population has declined by 99% over the past 80 years, the Old Mout team decided they had to act fast.

Old Mout's Emma Sherwood-Smith said: "We have a chance to make a difference. We're a cider born in New Zealand – it's where we get our inspiration for Old Mout and the kiwi bird is central to this."

Each kiwi saved could live up to 50 years, and lay as many as 100 eggs – imagine the potential impact of this dramatic rescue bid!

New Zealand's quirky birds have been around for 65 million years, but predators have caused havoc for the kiwi. This mission to end the demise of the beautiful bird has been a heartfelt undertaking.

The 15-minute show brings the plight of the kiwi to a studio audience in the UK, who are stunned by captivating footage of Michaela's adventures with the Kiwis for kiwi team. She follows scientists as they rescue eggs from the wild and deliver them to an incubation centre where they are protected until they hatch. The adorable chicks are released into the wild as soon as they're ready to fend for themselves. Operation Nest Egg helps improve the odds of the bird surviving to adulthood from 1 in 20 to 7 in 10.

As well as the TV show, Old Mout is donating a third of the profit of all their cider sold in selected pubs and supermarkets in the UK for a limited time.

So every time you crack open an Old Mout, you're helping hatch more kiwi. Cheers!




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