Tech traveller: Work away

Put your digital know-how to good use on the road and earn money while you travel. Who ever said that a holiday can't pay for itself?

Tuesday, 3 October 2017,
By Kate Russell
Tech Traveller
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If you've got the travel bug so badly you don't want to come home, there are several ways to earn cash while on the move. Many digital skills can be employed anywhere you have a computer connected to the internet: accountancy, administrative support, design, translation, sales, marketing — the list is practically endless. Register with sites like Upwork and Fiverr to tout your abilities in a professional marketplace. If you start doing freelance jobs before travelling you can build up a good reputation for a more secure income.

Perhaps you just need a little extra spending money on a long-haul trip? Friendshippr is a social app that turns your personal network into a shipping network, connecting you with people who need something delivered where you're headed. There's no formal payment plan but the app encourages users to 'reward' couriers. Obviously, make sure you know what you're carrying and can trust the person sending it.

Or, how about earning cash for just walking? OK, it's not cold hard cash but BitWalking lets you accrue credit by simply putting one foot in front of the other; then you can spend your points with one of its digital content partners, including Spotify, Tidal, Netflix and Mubi.

To earn money from your travels in the purest sense, head to IQPlanner, where you can plan and blog about your trip with locations, reviews, photos and videos to share with other people. The platform monetises this content through affiliate links, so if someone spends money with an affiliate partner after following a link from your blog, you receive a small commission.

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Kate Russell is a technology reporter for @BBCClick and author of Working the Cloud

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Published in the October 2017 issue of National Geographic Traveller (UK)

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