Veditalia, a tour operator based in Milan that offers guided tours in English throughout Italy, aims to turn an ordinary trip into an unforgettable experience.Thursday, 3 May 2018

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Veditalia, a tour operator based in Milan that offers guided tours in English throughout Italy, aims to turn an ordinary trip into an unforgettable experience. Veditalia has been welcoming visitors to Italy since 2011 and operates with the aim of sharing native Italians’ love for art and culture, history and traditions with passionate travellers from all over the world. Guides use their years of experience and carefully curated insider knowledge to give visitors a glimpse into an Italy that usually remains hidden from most travellers.

For example, how many tourists know where the relics of the Three Wise Men are located? It’s something only the locals of Milan know. How many travellers have heard that there’s a brilliant example of a trompe l’oeil painted in a tiny, hidden cloister in the centre of Rome?

Veditalia’s guides can take visitors through secret passageways in the Doge’s Palace in Venice and bring its fascinating 600-year history to life. They can reveal Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà in Milan, often overshadowed by the more famous one in Rome.

Veditalia aims to provide travellers with unrivalled opportunities to discover Italy through specially designed tours in its most important cities. Veditalia organises tours for small groups in order to guarantee an intimate visit and to focus on the traveller’s individual needs.

The team works hard to create the best experiences possible for travellers, so they can truly revel in the fun part of their trip. The company’s community of professional and officially licensed guides, all of whom are locals, know how to make sure that their clients thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Following a perfectly thought-out path on foot with a local guide; avoiding the stress of reservations, maps, queues and language barriers; and having the opportunity to get suggestions that can’t be found in guidebooks, are all ways that Veditalia’s team creates unforgettable moments.

Among the cities that Veditalia operates in are Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Turin, all of which are ready to be discovered. Veditalia makes Italy, which the world dreams of visiting, an even better place.

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