Get on board: why there’s never been a better time to take up surfing

Surfing’s popularity is rising. Find out how surfing has been shown to improve mental and physical health, making the sport an ideal wellness holiday, with advice on how to start surf training.

Costa Rica: Not so easy rider

Aching muscles, fatigue and mosquito bites are a price worth paying on a cycle tour of Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Its remote beaches, volcanic peaks and lush jungle are home to giant butterflies, macaws and howler monkeys — any of which could await around the next corner

Slovenia: Paragliding above the Soca

The driver turns the wheel hard left to take our minibus through another hairpin bend as we climb high up into the Julian Alps. We’ve been bumping along for nearly an hour now and have already passed through the cloud line, the steep slopes slipping away back down into Slovenia’s Soca Valley
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In the saddle: Where to go horse riding

Saddle up and take in the world on horseback, from Wild West adventures to tricks and flicks
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Photos of Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold’s Most Epic Routes

Free Solo is coming to National Geographic TV on 3 March.

Costa Rica: Riding the rapids

With vultures circling overhead and rapids determined to get you in the water, tackling the Sarapiqui River on a raft is a veritable adventure.
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The Ancient Tradition of Camel Racing, as Seen From Above

See how the ancient tradition of camel racing is being kept alive in the hot landscape of Al Batinah South, Oman, where the camels can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour along designated tracks. 
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The wild ride in the sky continues as wingwalker CAROL PILON @CarolPilonWingwalker shows you what it’s like to hang onto the wings of a vintage biplane at 160mph. 
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Soaring Free over Alaska's Chugach Mountains and Knik Glacier by Paraglider

Watch a paramotor pilot fly across a glacier that extends for 28 miles. 
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Ride the World’s Longest Zipline in the UAE

Take a ride on the world's longest zipline. The 1.74-mile-long thrill recently opened in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Riders zoom down from a mountaintop, reaching speeds of up to 93 miles an hour. The new zipline beats the previous record holder from Peru by about 2,000 feet.