Concrete jungle: five ways to adventure in the city

The wilderness might beckon, but some of the most exciting adventures can be had within the busy cityscapes we call home. Here are four of the best to get your adrenalin pumping in the urban world.

A road trip on Chile's wild new Route of Parks

A road trip along Chile’s new Route of Parks takes travellers to the ends of earth. The brainchild of a visionary conservationist, this is a journey that snakes through 17 national parks, showcasing one of our planet’s most extensive wild frontiers.

The future of adventure travel: four trends to watch for 2020

With travellers passionate about topics such as sustainability and ‘under-touristed’ destinations, we look at some of the biggest adventure trends to watch for 2020.

From Frozen II to the Lion King: five of the best film-inspired family adventures

Ever wanted to discover Simba’s Pride Lands or Mowgli’s jungle landscapes? We’ve picked our top family-friendly itineraries inspired by the silver screen.

From Ecuador to Iceland: top 5 volcanoes to climb

When summited safely, volcanoes offer an exhilarating glimpse into the depths of the earth. Climbing these smoky summits offers a real taste of the intrepid.

Best of the west: five ways to explore West Sweden's coastline

West Sweden has a wealth of activities for the adventurous, from island cycling to coastal hiking.

Northern Spain: From the Bay of Biscay to the Peaks of Europe

Santander, the buzzy capital of northern Spain’s Cantabria, is home to a Renzo Piano-designed arts centre and a regenerated waterfront. But the region is more than its metropolis: find rural alpine landscapes where semi-nomadic pastoralists lead lives that have changed little in centuries.

View from the USA: Ice in his veins

Set in remote Alaska, Sheldon Chalet is a fitting tribute to an aviation hero who was at home here in America’s ‘Last Frontier’.

From thriving cities to natural wonders: exploring Africa’s most popular destinations

From sweeping grasslands and desert dunes to glittering skyscrapers and hipster hangouts — Africa can do natural paradises and urban hubs equally well.

Grand Canyon: Tackling the rim-to-rim hike

Rack up the miles on a Rim-to-Rim hike of Arizona’s Grand Canyon that includes an overnight stay in the gorge with stargazing, plus cooling waterfalls — a welcome surprise in one of the hottest, driest places on Earth.
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Planning a weekend in Banff? Plan it for Autumn

Long days, clear skies and wide-open spaces begging to be explored make the Canadian Rockies an inspired autumn destination.

Mauritius: Beyond the beach

Heady hikes, blissful solitude, abundant greenery and panoramic views: discover a new side of Mauritius

Diving and snorkelling in Pemba, Tanzania

Quiet and rural, Pemba Island is one of East Africa’s best diving and snorkelling spots

Exploring the volcanoes of Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a geological hotspot — 19 volcanoes are strung across the west coast of this Central American country. Some produce apocalyptic acid rain, a few harbour orchids that bloom for a single day, others have churning lava lakes, plenty are smoking, many are tranquil. But all have played a part in literally shaping the country.

New itineraries for family adventures

Family adventure has never been more popular, and there’s a raft of new trips with which to channel your brood’s intrepid spirit.

Hungary: All along the watchtowers

A final frontier marked by Soviet-era observation towers finding new life in nature reserves, West Hungary’s scant population has an identity rooted firmly in its position at the edge of the map 

Off-grid Indian Ocean: La Digue, Seychelles

The lesser-known corners of the Indian Ocean are where you’ll find pristine jungle hikes, hands-on conservation experiences, grassroots tours, off-grid islands and low-key lodges, plus some of the world’s best underwater wildlife — La Digue is no exception