The inside guide to Byron Bay, Australia's boho surf spot

With its laid-back lifestyle, fine food and host of outdoor adventures, Australia’s boho surf town dazzles on both land and water.

Ride the rails through the Rocky Mountains, from Vancouver to Banff

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, its dapper carriages climbing leisurely from multicultural Vancouver to the peak-ringed resort of Banff. The two-day route, following historic and hard-won train tracks, reveals supersized summits, pioneering settlements and forested valleys stalked by grizzly bears.

Travel Geeks online: mountains, moonshine and barbecue in North Carolina — 9 March 2021

Join us from 19:00 to 20:00 on Tuesday 9 March to hear from a panel of expert guests who will be discussing all things North Carolina. 

Where ocean meets dune: a journey to northern Namibia's Skeleton Coast

The otherworldly landscapes of northwest Namibia — from the windswept dunes of the Skeleton Coast to arid wildernesses of the Hoanib Valley — threaten to upstage both the wildlife and the remote luxury lodges that call it home.

Eight ultimate adventures for every ability in Namibia

Namibia’s dramatic landscapes lend themselves to bucket-list experiences, from world-class hikes to hot air balloon rides. Here’s how to match your activities to your mettle.

How to spend a day in Swakopmund, Namibia's adventure capital

It’s not all adrenalin-charged action in Namibia’s adventure capital: this coastal city is fun to explore on foot, admiring German-style architecture and strolling the seaside promenade, all while squeezing in some fun activities and great food.

A portrait of pastoral life in France's Central Pyrenees

A week in the Central Pyrenees, tucked in the south west corner of France’s Occitania region, reveals a pastoral life little changed in centuries. Here, among medieval market towns and lush valleys, the past’s thread snakes its way through the present.

Meet the fantasy coffin-designers of Accra, Ghana

Ernest Anang Kwei has followed in his father’s footsteps, continuing a tradition of building elaborate coffins that represent the profession, dreams or vices of the deceased. From carved aeroplanes to crocodiles, his commissions — and those of his father’s other apprentices — have elevated the funerary experience to an artform.

Where to see dinosaur footsteps and hunt for fossils in the UK

Do you know your ammonites from your ichthyosaurs? This winter, head out to these four fossil-rich stretches of the UK coastline for palaeontology tours, bracing beach walks and quirky museums.

Meet the adventurer: hiking advocate Jenny Bruso on making the outdoors accessible to all

The US-based founder of Unlikely Hikers tells the story behind the inclusive community she created, and why opening up access to the outdoors is more important than challenging perceptions.

The travel kit list: nine ethical gifts for Christmas 2020

This year, give the travellers in your life kit that contributes to a greater good — be it textile sustainability, charitable donations or environment-boosting initiatives.

Photo story: surf culture and local traditions along Portugal's Vicentine Coast

Cape St Vincent, Europe's most southwesterly point, witnessed the beginning of Portugal's 15th century Age of Discovery. Since then it's drifted back to a peaceful pace, where dramatic cliffs and sun-baked scrub form a backdrop to life on land and at sea.
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Adventures in the Seychelles

Nature reserves protect over half of Seychelles’ 115 coral and granite islands—rewarding hikers, bikers, and underwater explorers with a rainbow of biodiversity.

Best of the World: 35 incredible places to discover in 2021 and beyond

Our global travel editors have lined up 35 of the best places our planet has to offer for 2021 and beyond: destinations that speak of resilient communities, smart sustainability efforts and unforgettable experiences for post-pandemic explorations.

Best of the World: six intrepid adventures for 2021 and beyond

This year brings exciting new tours to Turkey, Greenland and Argentina, and with a total solar eclipse in Antarctica, an unforgettable adventure is on the cards.

Best of the World: six places to rediscover nature for 2021 and beyond

Experience the wonders of the natural world at wildlife rehabilitation centres and rewilding projects, as well as in the unique flora and fauna of our planet’s most remote corners.

Meet the adventurer: ice freediver Kiki Bosch on the transformative power of the ocean

Dutch diver Kiki Bosch plunges to extreme depths in the world’s coldest waters as a form of therapy, helping her to deal with the trauma of sexual assault. Now her story is revealed in the award-winning documentary, Descent (2020).

Travel Writing Competition 2020: introducing the winner and the runners-up

We wanted to find the best untapped talent in travel writing — and you replied in your droves. From hundreds of entries to just four, meet the winner and runners-up of our prestigious award.