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Return to the Nile: Photo Diary
Images from the National Geographic TV show premiering on 27.2.19  
Travel and Adventure

Keeping Up with the Fienneses: Two Cousins, One Name – and a Great Big Adventure

This month on National Geographic, the Fiennes cousins – an acclaimed actor and the world’s greatest living explorer – took the trip of a lifetime. Think Indiana Jones in a Land Rover: but did they take to each other in the process? 

More Than 800 Ancient Egyptian Tombs Mapped for First Time

11th September, 2018 - More than 800 Egyptian tombs have been mapped for the first time in an ancient necropolis. Located near the village of Lisht in northern Egypt, the tombs were long hidden under feet of sand. They date back more than 4,000 years to the Middle Kingdom period. Most of the tombs were already looted by the time researchers explored them. But remaining artefacts and the tombs themselves offer insight into the lives of Middle Kingdom Egyptians.