Pregnancy 101: everything you wanted to know, from conception to delivery

While customs and traditions involving pregnancy vary worldwide, the developmental process is essentially universal. Find out about the science of pregnancy from conception, through the three trimesters, and to labour and delivery.

Why these birds hide their sexual trysts

Arabian babblers do many activities as a group, but there’s one thing they do in secret. Besides humans, they’re one of the few known species to regularly conceal sexual activity. Arabian babblers are cooperative breeders. While typically, only the dominant male and female mate, other group members help care for chicks. They forage together, and they even have a group morning dance routine. But when it’s time to mate, they slip away from the group, either hidden behind shrubs, or far out of sight. In theory, if the birds don’t see each other doing the deed, it’s unlikely to lead to conflict.

Rhino Embryos Created in Lab, Offering Hope for Nearly Extinct Species

An Italian biotechnology company has formed viable rhinoceros embryos using in-vitro fertilization—but some experts are skeptical of its value.