44 Breathtaking Photos of Wild Animals

You have sent us photos of wildlife from every continent on the planet, and we have chosen some of our favorites. Friday, 10 November

By Elaina Zachos

In a word, the photographs we publish at National Geographic are breathtaking. Our goal is to help readers look at the world from a different perspective, and sometimes that's through the lens of a camera.

We have already received thousands of submissions to this year's Nature Photographer of the Year contest, which ends Nov. 17. With the theme of wildlife in mind, we have curated a gallery of our favorite shots. You have shown us lone polar bears marching through Norway and spotted leopards getting ready to pounce in South Africa. You have brought us to Russia to witness brown bears duking it out and to Louisiana to see alligators lurking below murky waters. The photographs in this gallery, well, take our breath away.

Do you have a favorite photo from this year's contest? From Dec. 1-11, you can vote on a submission for the Peoples' Choice category, which we'll announce with the rest of the winners later this year.

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