World Turtle Day 2019: Take a Moment to Immerse Yourself

Turtles date back to the time of the dinosaurs – but they have never faced greater threats.Thursday, May 23, 2019

By Simon Ingram

World Turtle Day recognises the uniqueness and plight of turtles around the world. These reptiles date to the time of the dinosaurs, but factors such as climate change, ocean plastics, hunting, the illegal pet trade and disruption of ecosystems has pushed this ancient group of reptiles closer to the brink than they have ever been. Almost every species of sea turtle is endangered. 

So take a moment today to appreciate the turtle – and find out more of what you can do to help here. 

National Geographic is committed to reducing the amount of plastic waste reaching our oceans. Find out how you can reduce your use of single use plastics here – and take your pledge


A green sea turtle hatchling swims towards the safety of the open sea off Nengo Nengo, French Polynesia.
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