Bookshelf: Arizona Trips by David Hurn

A new book charts British photographer David Hurn's 20-year love affair with the US state of Arizona, from its desert to its residents

'Skunk Pigs' May Mourn Their Dead, Footage Shows

New footage shows a kind of hoofed mammal performing a remarkable behaviour for the first time. Collared peccaries, or 'skunk pigs', live in a wide variety of habitats in the Americas, with Arizona at the northern end of their range. For a school project, 8-year-old Dante de Kort of Prescott, Arizona set up a camera trap near his home. In the videos, peccaries repeatedly visit the carcass of another peccary. They touch and sniff. Some even sleep next to the body, and defend it from coyotes. The peccaries may have been mourning. Further research is needed to know for sure.

Working holidays in Arizona

Saddle up and switch off. How city-folk can have a breather while heading west and getting their hands dirty in cowboy country

Arizona: Team cattle penning

The air is thick with dust and shimmers in the heat. In the sandy arena tucked behind the horse pens, a string of small brown-and-white steers are flicking their tails lazily as a wrangler casually corrals them towards the waiting group of 'cowboys'.

Arizona: Mission San Xavier

Sometimes, you encounter a building that is so much more than bricks and mortar, sand and cement – a nugget of architecture that goes well beyond being four walls and a roof.

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