Neighbourhood guide to Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia's capital has long been one of Southeast Asia's best places to eat, and the city's melting-pot cuisine is now sharing the stage with hip hotels and thriving street markets.

Breaking bread: experiencing a supra like a true Georgian

No one hosts a feast like the Georgians. In the mountainous Racha district, supras — gatherings of friends and family over food — are long, lively and distinctly alcoholic affairs.

This Woodpecker Mimics a Snake When Threatened

When threatened, the Eurasian wryneck bends and twists its head as if placing us under a spell. These birds were once thought to wield magical powers and to play a role in witchcraft. Nowadays, we know they twist and turn for self-defence, probably imitating forest snakes to ward off predators. Eurasian wrynecks are part of the woodpecker family, yet they don't peck wood. They nest in holes already made by other animals. The modern word 'jinx' comes from this bird's historical name, jynx bird. Additionally, it's scientific name is Jynx torquilla.

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