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From fossils to black holes: these videos unlock the universe!

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Masters of flight! See hummingbirds in super slow-mo

Videos reveal what's really happening as these tiny birds flap their wings.


Why is This Baby Elephant Swinging its Trunk Like a Helicopter?

Discover why this baby elephant is swinging its trunk around according to a UK expert on elephant behaviour. 

Sneaky Turtles Sunbathe on a Hippo's Back

See how sneaky terrapins of Kruger National Park, South Africa use hippos for sunbathing beds. Terrapins regulate their body temperatures with the help of the sun. 

Watch Amazon Animals Discover Themselves in a Mirror

A mirror was set up in the Amazon rainforest by a wildlife photography workshop called Untamed Photography. The aim was to better understand intelligence of big cats in the Amazon. Wild cats and other animals that approached reacted in various ways. Some were scared. Others were curious. It’s relatively rare for an animal to have the capacity for self-recognition. It takes human babies 18 to 24 months to catch on to what they're seeing in the mirror. Some animals like dolphins, elephants, and some great apes know they’re looking at themselves. Others just stand perplexed in front of the glass.

Watch This Pig Do Laundry and Pick Up His Toys

See how Paul the pig helps keep his home clean and tidy.