Author series: Chris Pavone on Paris

Against a backdrop of elegant boulevards and prestigious museums, in a time of crisis the French capital reveals its vital heart and soul

Author series: Julie Davidson

Julie Davidson on her impending journey to Malawi’s great lake and why she fell for this watery wonder, ‘discovered’ by David Livingstone in 1859

Author series: Simon Armitage

Novelist, poet and playwright Simon Armitage explains how the mystery of the Yorkshire moors has inspired his latest, collaborative project, Stanza Stones

Author series: Lesley Downer

Japan specialist Lesley Downer on falling for the cultural enclave of Kyoto with its sashaying geishas and hidden temples

Author series: Roopa Farooki

Roopa Farooki on falling for steaming mussels, surfer bars, and delectable food markets in the French beach town of Biarritz

Notes from an author: Kate Mosse

The bestselling author tells of Carcassonne, the ancient French city where stories of the present are indelibly linked to those of the past 

Author series: Julian Sayarer

After recessions and housing crises, the Greek capital has certainly suffered. But its creative locals and life lessons prove it can be a gentle, generous teacher

Author series: Lydia Ruffles

On a trip to the Japanese city of Osaka, sights and sounds offer ideas for a second novel, but it's personal truths that have the power to inspire.

Notes from an author: Selina Siak Chin Yoke

The limestone hills that surround the city of Ipoh aren't on the tourist map but their strange formations made them worth casting as a 'character' in a novel

Notes from an author: Nadia Dalbuono

It's easy to feel insignificant in a city whose living ruins mark some of the most triumphant accomplishments of civilisation — yet Rome's magnetic pull is undeniable

Notes from an author: Andrew May

Is there life on Mars? For a new generation of privately-funded space exploration programmes, the red planet is the next frontier for exploration

Notes from an author: Garrett Carr

The troubled past and uncertain future of the Irish borderland comes to life on an epic walking tour exploring the 300-mile divide between north and south

Notes from an author: Sarah Outen

Even for an elite kayaker, these remote Pacific islands are an intense place, challenging and inspiring in the same stroke, with back-breaking swells

Notes from an author: Charles Foster

A relationship with stags changes from bloodthirsty to empathetic, while their Highland home remains imperiously aloof.

Notes from an author: Fran Bryson

A journey to Salvador reveals a deeply religious festival where Bonfim, the patron saint of the state of Bahia, is worshipped as a miracle worker

Notes from an author: Andrew Lambert

Inhabited by pirates and castaways, this remote Chilean island has long been a place of mythology, tragedy and peculiar Englishness

Notes from an author: Horatio Clare

The author on his enduring love for the Italian city of Verona and the wine region of Valpolicella

Notes from an author: Peter Hudson

Having criss-crossed the African continent for more than 30 years, the author reveals why he’s compelled to return to Mauritania again and again