The surprising science behind in-flight meals

Malaysia-based airline AirAsia has opened a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur that sells its in-flight meals. But why does food often taste so different in the skies?
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Top five Chinese cities to explore with Hainan Airlines

From historical Changsha to the giant pandas of Chengdu, this beguiling country has never been short of adventure
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A class act

With Singapore Airlines, seating options range from its well-appointed Economy Class cabins to sumptuous designer suites where the sky really is the limi
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New Cases Examined

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Air France 447

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Six flight hacks to help you take off

It's not all about the flight times and cost of your ticket, there are other important considerations to take into account when choosing the right airline for you. From in-flight entertainment to legroom, here's what you need to bear in mind
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7 reasons to fly with Singapore Airlines

What better way to fly to Australia than with the world's most awarded airline? With daily flights from the UK to eight Australian airports, Singapore Airlines offers exceptional service and an end-to-end stress-free experience