Can Animals Be Too Smart For Their Own Good?

Sometimes, clever creatures can really get under our skin. Meet the amazingly adaptable creatures that people dub a “nuisance."

Watch an Escaped Bear Roam the Streets of Basra, Iraq

A bear wandered the streets of Basra, Iraq, creating a chaotic scene for residents. The Syrian brown bear escaped from a local store where it was being held for sale. Habitat loss due to decades of war and deforestation have caused the bears' populations to plummet. The bear was captured and returned back to the shop.

Watch: Rescued Bear With Amputated Paws Learns to Walk Again

Dec. 22, 2017 - An Asian black bear with two amputated front paws arrived safely at a new sanctuary in north-east Vietnam. Hai Chan was rescued by FOUR PAWS, an international animal welfare group, after being held captive for ten years as a bile bear. Bear stomach bile is harvested and used in traditional Chinese medicine. Hai Chan suffered enlarged adrenal glands, stress, and the two amputated paws. The paws were most likely used to produce bear paw wine. Two other Asian bears were rescued and brought to the sanctuary.