Searching for frogs in the jungles of Borneo

Borneo’s jungle feels full of life during daylight, but it’s at night — when its wild denizens are on the hunt for food — that the forest really comes alive.
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A hidden world deep within the Bornean jungle

Bario is a little corner of Borneo relatively unaffected by modern, Western influences. This community of villages is home to the Kelabit people, a largely self-sufficient tribe who will welcome you wholeheartedly into their homes — and their jungle.

Meet the orangutans of Borneo

During the fruiting season, the chance of spotting an orangutan in Borneo's rainforest dwindles — making a sighting all the more memorable.

Why Murky Water Might Be Good For Coral Reefs

See why these coral reefs in murky water may be more resilient to coral bleaching that has devastated other colonies around the world.

Nearly 150,000 Orangutans Lost to Logging, Palm Oil, and Human Conflict

Find out why nearly 150,000 orangutans vanished from Borneo over a 16-year period and why researchers predict even more will be lost over the next 35 years.