A city guide to Toronto

In this ever-changing cityscape, a new world of eco-conscious urban planning is bringing community spaces to industrial wastelands — a gradual greening of Canada’s biggest city.

A guide to Belfast's cultural scene

The Northern Irish capital has blossomed into a true cultural hotspot, replete with bold street art, galleries and a string of hip boutiques.

A culinary guide to Copenhagen

The Danish capital is the driving force behind New Nordic cuisine, but look beyond its fine-dining and you’ll find Smart bistros, street-food markets and world-class bakeries.

8 of the best: Adelaide

Rather like the forgotten royal she was named for, Adelaide is often overlooked. But the South Australian capital is having her day in the sun — specifically a warm sun that shines on wine-producing hills, golden beaches and a lifestyle that Australia’s bigger, faster, more congested cities have long had to surrender.

14 hours in Beijing

From Beijing's best brunch spot to its flagship art galleries, here's our guide to a perfect day in the Chinese capital

Marseille: Port of cool

Marseille has never looked better. The port city, with its smoky Arabian markets, bouillabaisse restaurants and new wave of gentrification, has long been France’s black sheep, and the spotlight is beaming down on it this year as European Capital of Culture

Taipei: The only way is up

Taipei, the capital of China’s ‘Renegade Republic’, is carving out a niche for itself as one of Asia’s most alluring capitals — a place where night markets and museums of ancient Chinese art sit alongside innovative restaurants, boutique hotels and a rapidly evolving nightlife

A city guide to the cooler side of Beijing

From factories turned into galleries to a burgeoning crop of sci-fi skyscrapers, the Chinese capital is shrugging off its dynastic past and revealing a cool side 

Delhi: A maharaja’s metropolis

A seat of power for hundreds of years, India’s capital has been invaded, ravaged and restored several times, emerging as a historical enclave of architectural wonders. Sample the street food, tap into its modern art scene and wander along the walls of the resplendent Red Fort

Los Angeles: City life

Like a rare starlet who possesses brains as well as beauty, Los Angeles is a city that defies expectations. At first glance, she dazzles you with the glamour of Tinseltown; then, as the fairy dust settles, she bewitches with ancient canyons, mid-century architecture and ocean-lapping beaches the colour of butter
30 photos
Photo gallery: City life in Seattle
Today, the restless, rain-drenched birthplace of grunge and Starbucks is home to artists, creatives, geeks and iconoclasts. It also boasts natural assets galore, from Puget Sound's islets to two mountain ranges ripe for exploration

Hanoi: through the eyes of travel writers

A surprising choice perhaps, but Vietnam’s historic second city is like nowhere else on Earth 

New Orleans: through the eyes of travel writers

With its jazz credentials and love of a great party, NOLA is a city  that embraces the night — but our writers love it during  the daylight hours, too