Into Oman's Hajar mountains: Meet the climber Hamid Alshabnooti

Climbing and canyoning instructor Hamid finds happiness in the mountains, where russet red peaks rise skywards, and views stretch out across vast oceans of sand.
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Photos of Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold’s Most Epic Routes

Free Solo is coming to National Geographic TV on 3 March.
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Exclusive: A Conversation with star climber Alex Honnold and the Co-Directors of 'Free Solo'

Take a look behind the scenes of the National Geographic documentary film 'Free Solo', which chronicles Alex Honnold's unbelievable free-solo climb up El Capitan. He is the first person to summit the near-vertical 1,000-metre (3,000-foot) face without any ropes or safety gear. National Geographic caught up with Honnold as well as co-directors Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi at the film's premiere in New York.
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World Record Set for Crossing the Length of the Alps

An international team of five mountaineers set a new record for crossing the main ridge of the Alps, journeying the thousand-plus miles in 36 days, from the foothills of eastern Austria to the Mediterranean coast at Nice, France. Called Der Lange Weg, German for "The Long Way," sponsor Red Bull describes the trek as the longest ski tour in the world. Over the course of the trip they accumulated over 55 miles of climbing. Moving forward an average of more than 10 hours per day, they pressed on for 16 hours on the longest day. The team set off with seven athletes, although two dropped out. Weather ranged from pleasant to terrible. At one point, they were stuck in a blizzard at 12,000 feet (4,000 metres). Demonstrating the rapid climatic shift from the French Alps to the Riviera the team wore their skis for a photo opportunity on the beach. (NOTE: An earlier version of this video put the original 1971 record at 44 days. The 1971 team actually finished in 41 days.)