Nyamatusi Camp

Nyamatusi Camp is set in one of the most remote parts of Africa amid the untouched landscape of Mana Pools National Park.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019,
By Nyamatusi Camp
Nyamatusi Camp
Nyamatusi Camp
Photograph by Nyamatusi Camp

Nyamatusi Camp is set in one of the most remote parts of Africa amid the untouched landscape of Mana Pools National Park. Zimbabwe has managed to preserve its dramatic landscapes and incredible wildlife and, as a result, is one of the most sought-after safari destinations in Africa.

Mana Pools National Park, the northern part of Zimbabwe on the southern side of the Zambezi River, is among the world’s wildest and best preserved natural ecological areas. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the least-developed national parks in southern Africa, and with almost 70% of the park traversable only on foot, Mana Pools remains one of the most untouched ecosystems in Africa.

The Nyamatusi facility is made up of Nyamatusi Camp and Nyamatusi Mahogany. Nyamatusi Camp, consisting of six luxury tented suites with uninterrupted views of the river and escarpment beyond, inspires a feeling of remoteness. Nyamatusi Mahogany sits nestled under ancient mahogany trees and is tailored to provide the perfect luxury safari experience for families. Consisting of two tented suites and two family suites, the camp was designed to enable serenity and harmony between guests and nature.

The Ngwana Club promotes the philosophy of inviting children into the wild. Child specialist guides/hosts are available to offer tailor-made activities for children of all ages.

Nyamatusi was designed with conservation at the forefront of its concept. It seeks to make guests aware that they’ve travelled into an authentically wild area and haven’t harmed the environment, and have also contributed positively to the conservation and preservation of the surroundings while providing employment and development benefits to the local people.

Nyamatusi offers a variety of activities including game drives, canoe safaris, fishing, birding and walking safaris. Mana Pools is famous for the latter, which have been conducted since the park first opened in 1963. Join the African Bush Camps experts and knowledgeable guides on walking safaris and learn about life in the bush and the ancient tales that go along with it.


Nyamatusi offers authentic walking safaris and indelible wildlife experiences in the heart of wild Africa


• Two camps
• Bar
• Wi-fi
• Library
• Pool
• Private vehicle available
• Pizza oven

• Safaris
• Guided walks
• Game drives
• Night drives
• Bird watching
• Canoeing
• Fishing

T: +27 21 701 0270
E: contact@africanbushcamps.com

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