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South Africa-based Tusk Photo specialises in leading prestigious photographic safaris to wilderness areas across the world. Tuesday, 30 July 2019

South Africa-based Tusk Photo specialises in leading prestigious photographic safaris to wilderness areas across the world. Dedicated to sharing its technical expertise and knowledge of the natural world, the company aims to provide the world’s best photographic safari experiences.

Tusk Photo has an intimate knowledge of African wildlife and offers tours to please even the most discerning traveller — from bespoke private expeditions to group-based photographic tours. Groups sizes are kept small, ensuring personal attention at all times. Whether guests prefer an adventurous exploratory trip to the forests of Central Africa, or a more luxurious safari with all the comforts targeting leopards in the Sabi Sands, Tusk Photo can build an itinerary to suit all preferences and budgets.

The company’s tour leaders are multi-award-winning photographers with impeccable photographic skills. They strive to ensure that guests end each tour with an extensive portfolio of images, representative of the area and in line with their photographic vision. Above all, the company aims to give each individual the safari they desire and deserve: authentic, relaxed and soul-enriching.

Tusk Photo believes the most successful wildlife photographers share a few characteristics. They’re technically sound, creative and make use of all the tools provided to them, not sticking to one formula for each scene. For that reason, each scene is approached with an open mind to find unique compositions using a mix of long lenses, wide lenses, flash, remote camera set ups, underwater housings and whatever is at the photographer’s disposal. Tusk Photo has found that even the most seasoned photographer learns a thing or two on its trips, since being in the company of like-minded individuals pushes guests and guides alike to create work far beyond their initial capabilities.

What lies at the core of Tusk Photo’s success is a vision that puts all its guests at the heart of the photographic business. The company is passionate about wildlife photography, conserving the environment and getting photographers the wildlife images they always dreamed about.


The Namibia Landscapes and Wildlife tour in a luxury 4x4 Tusk photographic vehicle, which covers a range of photographic skills


• Award winning professional photographers
• Specialised photography vehicles
• Group tours
• Bespoke tours

• Wildlife, bird and landscape photography using wide angle, medium and telephoto lenses
• Night photography, including star trails, flash work and spotlight
• Remote camera work
• Aerial photography
• Underwater photography
• Hide photography

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