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Castello di Potentino is a 21st-century castle where Tuscan tradition meets the contemporary world. Monday, 5 August 2019

By Castello di Potentino

Castello di Potentino is a 21st-century castle where Tuscan tradition meets the contemporary world. A medieval fortification once owned by the Knights Templar, it lies in a secret valley untouched by modern life in one of the last undiscovered corners of Tuscany — Monte Amiata. The building is surrounded by countryside and dotted with vines and ancient olive trees, which are used for the estate’s small production of high-quality wine, grappa and oil. Today the castle operates as a dynamic cultural centre. Ideal as an off-season venue, but also hosts guests, events, concerts and weddings all year round.

Life at the castle is centred around daily agricultural activities and guests are encouraged to join in. 

In the fields around the castle, small flocks of sheep graze around the ancient olive trees. Guests can watch fresh sheep’s milk be made into cheese, bake sourdough bread in the wood-burning oven, make wine with their feet in the Etruscan winemaking stones and eat freshly picked vegetables from Potentino’s own garden. 

Potentino has an art gallery and shop where you can choose something especially designed and inspired by the castle’s aesthetics. A guided wine-tasting by Castello di Potentino’s winemaker Charlotte Horton, hiking, horse-riding and cooking lessons or felt-making with the wool from the castle flock are options too, while sitting under one of the many pergolas in the shade drinking a cocktail made with Castello di Potentino’s own botanical gin and reading a book from the vast castle library is also highly recommended.

Much of Tuscany’s legendary beauty lies in its more remote and secret places. Hours of winding roads and potholes make them very difficult to visit but a helicopter gets you there effortlessly and in time to explore even more of these magical out-of-reach locations during your stay. Castello di Potentino is now offering day-trip excursions by helicopter: a series of innovative itineraries designed to showcase the very best of this remarkable region, harnessing the unparalleled speed and ease of helicopter transfers to create unforgettable travel events.  


Fly like a bird over secret Tuscany’s stunning landscapes and medieval hill top towns with Castello di Potentino’s helicopter tours


• Eight rooms
• Swimming pool

• Cooking classes
• Cheese-making classes 
• Wine tastings 
• Foraging walks
• Historical tours 
• Horse riding
• Guided walks 
• Bicycle rental
• Quad bike tours
• Yoga 
• Massages

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