Five things you need to know about travel insurance in the age of coronavirus

Five things you need to know about travel insurance in the age of coronavirus

With much of the world declared off-limits in recent months by the UK government, and travel corridor confusion ever present, insurance companies are starting to offer policies for those determined to keep travelling during the pandemic.

Travel & coronavirus

The case for airport coronavirus testing, and why it matters

The travel industry is pinning its hopes on airport testing to limit quarantine and boost its chances of staggering on through the coronavirus crisis — but is this the magic bullet that will keep us travelling?

The reality of travel in the post-lockdown era

As the UK eases travel restrictions to certain countries, and destinations start reopening for business, we answer your questions about bookings, flights, hotels and attractions. What’s the reality of travel as coronavirus lockdowns are lifted?

A short guide to cancelled trips: refunds, rebooking and your rights

Travel operators and airlines have come under fire for offering consumers credit — or nothing at all — rather than refunds on flights, hotel and holiday bookings that have been rendered unviable due to the Covid-19 crisis. Yet some argue mass refunds at this time would put many companies out of business. Is it better to refund or rebook, and what are your rights as a consumer?

Are your refunded flight vouchers still valid for travel?

Struggling to redeem an airline voucher for a cancelled flight? Or starting to worry about the small print? You’re not alone. We investigate the issue, your rights and what to do next.

What the travel industry did next

As the travel industry comes under scrutiny for Covid-19 business practices, many companies are launching initiatives to help ease the crisis. From supporting the NHS to sheltering the homeless, we look at positive outreach — and how you can get involved.

The startling impact of coronavirus on rhino conservation across Africa

To mark World Rhino Day 2020, we speak to wildlife veterinarian Dr Andre Uys in South Africa about how recent restrictions on movement and a decrease in tourism revenue have affected conservation across Africa — and what the future may hold.

What happens next? The impact of coronavirus on Australia’s endangered coral reefs

Last year, we reported on the intersection of tourism and conservation at Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. But what’s been the impact of Covid-19? We continue our conversation with the eco trailblazers at Queensland's Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort.

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