Fierce 'Semiaquatic' Dinosaur May Have Been an Awkward Swimmer

Despite its ties to the water, Spinosaurus may not have been built to dive after the fish it preyed on, a new study claims.

Watch: Impala Faces Crocodile, Hippo in Impossible Standoff

After finding itself stranded on an island, an impala must choose between starving or racing a croc—and a hippo—to the shore.

Lucky Wildebeest 'Cheats' Death In Dramatic Video

It's a picturesque scene: This watering hole at Kruger National Park in South Africa offered visitors quite a sight with wildebeest stopping to drink. But then two crocodiles got involved but it's what happens next that really surprises.

Sharks and Crocodile Feast on Dead Whale in First-Ever Video

First time footage has been caught of two 10-foot tiger sharks and a 13-foot saltwater crocodile scavenging a dead whale.

Crocodile Devours Zebra

Crossing this river would be an easy task if it weren't for the crocodiles lurking beneath the surface.