Gordon Ramsay – Uncharted: Watch the Trailer

Gordon Ramsay is on a mission to immerse himself in new cultures, dishes and flavours. From Peru, Laos and Morocco to Hawaii, Alaska and New Zealand, Ramsay travels the globe in his never-ending pursuit of culinary inspiration. Gordon Ramsay Uncharted on National Geographic.
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A Journey through Slovenia's food culture
Field to fork cuisine is second nature to Slovenians, making the country a perfect place to indulge in a passion for food and drink. From the Mediterranean to the mountains, unique culinary delights await.
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Watch the Japanese art of soba noodle making

Known for its nutty flavour, soba is a centuries-old staple of Japanese cuisine. The noodles are made by combining buckwheat flour and water. The dough is kneaded, rolled out, and cut evenly into thin noodles, similar in thickness to spaghetti. Gaining popularity in the 1600s during Japan's Edo period, the eating of soba noodles grew due to their health benefits and ability to prevent beriberi, a disease caused by thiamin (vitamin B-1) deficiency. Today, you can find soba noodles in restaurants around the world, served chilled with dipping sauce (zaru soba) or in a warm broth (bukkake soba).

The story behind Nevis's Hot Pepper Sauce

One of the best hot sauces — the utterly ubiquitous currency condiment of the Caribbean — is Llewellyn's Hot Pepper Sauce, made on the little island of Nevis by British-born chef Llewellyn Clarke

Hints of 7,200-Year-Old Cheese Create a Scientific Stink

Traces of fats on pottery from Croatia may be the region's oldest known cheese, but the controversial claim has some experts holding their noses.