Meeting the locals of Central Macedonia

The inhabitants of the Greek region of Central Macedonia are fiercely proud of their homeland — for good reason. Its mountainous landscapes are dotted with lakes, vineyards and ancient ruins where Alexander the Great’s legacy looms large

Naxos: The natural playground

Naxos is the Cyclades' natural playground, with a diverse landscape capable of disarming even the most avid island-hopper

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Sifnos is just 15 miles long, but its rich traditions and contemporary edge combine to create the Cyclades' hottest food scene

5 of the best Greek islands

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On a Greek Island, Clues to a Mysterious Civilization

In the jewel-bright Aegean Sea, a small Greek island holds an ancient mystery. 4,000 years ago, Dhaskalio was a promontory connected to its larger neighbour, the island of Keros. On this pyramid-shaped hill stood a sanctuary where visitors brought intentionally broken statues. A complex of buildings and terraces grew built with many tons of marble quarried on another island. Water conduits ran through the complex, advanced engineering for the age. In the 3rd millennium BC, Keros was becoming one of the Greece's first urban centers. But what made the sanctuary sacred in the first place is yet to be discovered.

Family travel: Beach break in Kos

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