Tiger vs. Monkeys

It takes patience and skill to get the jump on a troop of monkeys. But when it comes to stealth, this tiger has earned its stripes. Footage from the show "World's Deadliest".

Humpback whales make a ‘heat run’

After a 4500 km migration across the open ocean, these humpback whales are ready for one of nature's wildest mating rituals. Footage taken from the show Wonders of the Ocean.

The golden eagle

A golden eagle must search vast distances to find food during winter. Footage taken from the show Hostile Planet.

First steps for a barnacle goose chick

For three barnacle goose chicks, their first day in the world will be their greatest challenge. Footage taken from the show Hostile Planet.

Penguin Love Story

Penguins meet. They fall in love. He goes out to sea, and she fears he'll never return. Footage from the show "Symphony For Our World".