Three vegan Indian dishes to try from chef Romy Gill's new cookbook, Zaika

Turmeric pancakes, jackfruit sabzi and poppy seed cakes: these are the flavour-filled vegan bites inspired by West Bengal.

Warming dhals to zingy salads: an interview with Romy Gill

Chef and food writer Romy Gill sought inspiration from the food of her childhood in West Bengal for her debut cookbook, Zaika. It celebrates regional, vegan Indian dishes, from warming dhals to zingy salads.

A voyage through Assam: cruising along India's Brahmaputra River

A voyage through Assam on the tempestuous Brahmaputra River provides an indelible experience of India, although a sense of adventure and an open mind are essential for navigating the cruise’s twists and turns.
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Top five wellness experiences in the Himalayas

We round up the best stress-free experiences at Ananda in the Himalayas.