Jellyfish 101

How much do you really know about jellyfish? Given their diverse evolutionary history, jellies exhibit a fantastic range of shapes, sizes, and behaviours. Learn all about these squishy, brainless, beautiful creatures in this video. Also make sure to read the full October 2018 National Geographic magazine feature story.

How Jellyfish Rule the Seas Without a Brain

They have no brain and are mostly water, but they have plenty of superpowers.

Watch Corals Form a ‘Wall of Mouths’ to Catch and Eat Jellyfish

When your mouth is tiny, teamwork can help to take down enormous prey.

Mysterious Deep-Sea Jellyfish Filmed in Rare Sighting

See the mysterious deep sea jellyfish that was caught on camera by a remote operating vehicle.

Pictures From Pristine Seas Expeditions in Palau

See some of the most incredible underwater images taken by the pristine seas expedition divers in the waters around Palau, in the Western Pacific.

Spellbinding Jellyfish Spotted in Rare Deep Sea Footage

This rarely seen jellyfish was spotted 4,000 feet below the sea off the coast of Baja California, Mexico, by the E/V Nautilus. First recorded in 1909, Halitrephes maasi jellyfish can be found in the deep depths of the Eastern Pacific Ocean.