National Geographic's September Issue: The Story of A Face

Our report on Katie Stubblefield, the youngest full-face transplant recipient in American history. Wednesday, 15 August

By Justin Quirk
Photographs By Maggie Steber

We’re very proud to unveil the latest issue of National Geographic, with a cover feature telling the story of the youngest full-face transplant recipient in American history. This story is difficult to look at. Yet we are asking you to go on the remarkable journey of how a young woman received a face transplant because it reveals something profound about our humanity.

“‘The Story of a Face’ is about hope and resilience, identity, the power of a family’s love and devotion to their daughter, and the medical miracle that gives Katie Stubblefield a second chance at life,” said Susan Goldberg, Editorial Director of National Geographic Partners and Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic magazine.

“It is told with the unparalleled visual storytelling that National Geographic is known for and uniquely connects audiences to the deeply human story behind the science, thanks to the bravery of Katie and her family who gave us unfettered access to share their journey with the world. The result is an extraordinary look at a breakthrough scientific procedure that will make you question how you think about the relationship between outward appearance and our inner selves.”

This issue is also the latest in National Geographic’s series of collaborations with guest editors, each devoting their issue to a theme of their choosing. This latest edition of the magazine has been overseen by Katie Piper, the philanthropist, television presenter and former model who herself underwent pioneering surgery to restore her face and vision after she was attacked with acid.

“The Story of a Face,” is from the September 2018 issue of National Geographic magazine, on sale from 5th September.

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