The Moment the World Watched – Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon

Across countries across the world, the Apollo 11 moon landing was one of the first truly global TV events, with the technological miracle of pictures broadcast live from the surface of another planet beaming into people's homes, work and communal gathering places around the world.  This is the moment it happened. 

Moon landings: celebrating the Apollo II anniversary in 2019

20 July marks 50 years since the first Moon landing, and celebrations are underway on both sides of the Atlantic.

See How Apollo-Era Scientists Thought We'd Live On The Moon

In the 1960s, experts drew on the best science of the time to show how humans might live and work in lunar style.

Counting Down to Apollo: 50 days of Images That Changed Our View of the World

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this landmark moment, we’ve created a daily calendar of historic photographs that offer a rare and intimate glimpse of the Apollo 11 mission – and the global excitement it stirred.

Moon 101

What is the moon made of, and how did it form? Learn about the moon's violent origins, how its phases shaped the earliest calendars, and how humans first explored Earth's only natural satellite half a century ago.

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