Ecuador: The last ice man

Apparently, there’s a mountain in front of me. Apparently, it’s called Chimborazo. And apparently, it’s Ecuador’s highest peak at 20,500ft. The summit, they say, is the closest point on Earth to the sun, thanks to the equatorial bulge, which pushes it beyond Everest

Troodos Mountains: Bejewelled splendour

High in the Troodos Mountains, the chill air carries the scent of the cedar forest that separates us from the salty winds of the coast. We’d arrived at Kykkos Monastery just after five; just before closing. A black-robed priest with a long beard and round spectacles is saying goodbye to some of the last visitors of the day. As he shuts the gates after them, a black cat slinks after him like a shadow
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What to do in Alta Badia, South Tyrol

Cradled by snow-capped peaks and carpeted by tranquil forests and lush Alpine meadows chiming with cowbells, South Tyrol offers a natural theatre basking in a Mediterranean climate — and an intriguing mix of landscapes, culinary traditions and cultures
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Mount Fuji: a Reverent Ascent

Here be dragons: China's mythical southern mountains

In China's southern provinces, mythical landscapes abound. From the verdant peaks lining the Yangtze River to the towering pillars of Zhangjiajie — inspiration for the film Avatar — the region's motley mountains conjure up some fanciful visions

Meet the icon: Mount Kosciuszko

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