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Amazing Earth

Watch Underwater Worms Poop—A Lot

You're watching sand poop being squeezed out into the Red Sea off Egypt. The materials are likely the fecal casts of enteropneust hemichordate worms, commonly called acorn worms. Acorn worms ingest sediments that are mixed with organic material. They digest the organic material and excrete the inorganic material. This is what their poop looks like.



This is a kangaroo boxing fight! A martial arts match

Things can get downright deadly when male kangaroos fight over mating rights. With their gigantic feet, these "boomers" deliver kicks that can crush bone... and even kill their opponents. Images from the show "World's Deadliest".

This Spider That That Thinks Its a Gymnast

This cartwheeling spider gymnastics are triggered when the spider feels threatened.