Five of the best autumn walks in England for families

With fewer crowds, dazzling colours and the likes of harvest festivals, Halloween and Bonfire Night to enjoy, autumn is one of the loveliest times to explore the great outdoors. We've picked out some of our favourite autumn walks around England.

Daylight Saving Time 101

About 70 countries around the world practice Daylight Saving Time. Find out who came up with the concept of Daylight Saving Time, where the time change was first enacted nationwide, and why some countries are attempting to eliminate it.
101 Videos

From fossils to black holes: these videos unlock the universe!

Immerse yourself in videos designed to inspire and inform – perfect for learning something new about the world, and everything in it. 

Amazing Earth

Watch Underwater Worms Poop—A Lot

You're watching sand poop being squeezed out into the Red Sea off Egypt. The materials are likely the fecal casts of enteropneust hemichordate worms, commonly called acorn worms. Acorn worms ingest sediments that are mixed with organic material. They digest the organic material and excrete the inorganic material. This is what their poop looks like.



Watch A Free-Diver Rescue This Entangled Whale Shark

A Hawaiian family spotted this whale shark while free-diving off the coast of Lanai... this is what happened next. 

Extremophiles 101

Extremophiles are organisms that can live in exceptionally harsh environments. Find out about the different types of extremophiles, their adaptations, where they live, and which one is considered to be the most resilient creature on the planet.