How I got the shot: Prabir Mitra on capturing the spirit of Holi, the Hindu festival of spring

On his first assignment for National Geographic Traveller (UK) in 2019, the photographer captured the hues of India’s Holi festival, a time-honoured Hindu celebration of colour. Here, he discusses how the shoot unfolded behind the scenes.

How to spend a weekend in Maribor, Slovenia

Against a backdrop of a restored old town, the Slovenian city is embracing its cultural identity, from colourful festivals to age-old winemaking.

How skateboarders have reclaimed an abandoned Olympic stadium in Athens

Although Olympic stadiums are erected amid great jubilation, many fall into disuse and disrepair soon after the Games finish. In Athens, however, skaters are reclaiming abandoned spaces, and helping to invite young refugees into the community.

Meet the maker: the cheesemaker bringing curds to the Isle of Wight

Emily Macdonald has brought the cheese curd-making tradition of her native Wisconsin all the way to the Isle of Wight.

Six of the best UK food festivals for summer 2021

From a travelling Cornish feast with overnight camping to a town-wide Welsh culinary experience, we’ve selected the top food festivals to experience. 

From my city to yours: muralist Okuda San Miguel on the best of Madrid’s art scene

The Spanish artist recently unveiled a new mural in his home city, celebrating racial and gender diversity. We discuss his favourite galleries and exhibitions and discover his perfect day out in Madrid.

Five of south London’s best sightseeing walks

From medieval palaces and manicured Victorian parks to brutalist masterpieces and Black heritage hubs, these five walks pack in some of the capital’s most iconic sights. 

Hot topic: is there an art to buying air tickets during the pandemic?

Airfares are more volatile than ever before. With Covid-19 restrictions making travel unpredictable, the trick of booking early to secure the best deal is no longer a sure thing. So how can we navigate our way through the changeable skies?
Paid content for Come From Away

The theatre returns: Come From Away's cast and crew reflect on the past year

The uplifting story of a Newfoundland town's coming together in the wake of 9/11 — now a hit musical — is back on stage in the West End. Here, the cast and crew reflect on the past year, and discuss the destinations they can't wait to return to.

Travel Geeks online: adventures in the Yukon wilderness — 7 September 2021

Join us this September to hear from a panel of experts who’ll be discussing the outstanding outdoor adventures on offer in the northern Canadian territory of the Yukon.

Notes from an author: Craig Taylor on New York

If a city could speak, what would it say? In the case of the Big Apple, it would be both a cry of mourning for times past and an invocation of wanting more.

Five ways to use anchovies, according to chef Jacob Kenedy

Divisive little fish, anchovies add a dose of umami to any dish. Here are five ways to get the most out of these salty suspects.

The travel kit list: the latest tech for digital nomads

Wireless, easy to wipe down, wearable and boasting better-than-ever battery life: the latest travel kit comes with tech to make your journeys smoother, safer and synched up. 

Five cycling experts share their favourite routes in the UK

Cycling is a great way to get out and explore, but if you’re tired of riding along the same well-worn paths, here’s some inspiration from five adventurous cyclists.

10 of the best UK glamping sites for foodies

From pods in the grounds of a restaurant to yurts on a garlic farm, there are plenty of places to camp — and eat — in style. 

Four of the best boutique hotels in Girona

A tribute to chocolate leads the Catalan city’s boutique hotel offering.

How to make the perfect spanakopita

This filo pie is a Greek classic, and while you’ll often find feta inside, spinach is the real star. 

Meet the adventurer: Mark Synnott on climbing Everest’s North Face to solve a 100-year-old mystery

The veteran American climber discusses the lessons learnt from his pioneering and remote expeditions, including his 2019 mission to solve a century-old mystery on Everest’s North Face, now the subject of his latest book.

The secret life of sake, Japan's national obsession

From boisterous bars in Tokyo to bucolic breweries in the hinterland beyond the capital, sake is intertwined with Japan’s cultural and spiritual life.

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