Peaks and Summits: 31 Photos of Majestic Mountain Adventures

Find the inspiration for your next mountaintop trek in one of these stunning photos.Thursday, 15 February 2018

By National Geographic
This photo was taken while coming down off of South Suicide Peak, Chugach State Park, Alaska. The conditions were prime. Both avalanche conditions and weather opened up in a way that allowed a burly summit in the middle of an Alaskan winter.

The natural highs of the world's highest places are the most exhilarating on the planet. From snowy summits in Switzerland to grassy peaks in Ireland, mountains offer hikers the opportunity to take on a challenge, test their limits, and catch breathtaking views. These 31 photos showcase some of the best mountaintop vistas in the world. Set aside your fear of heights and get inspired for your next altitude-friendly adventure.

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