Striking aerial images tell stories from a new perspective

National Geographic's new series Europe from Above takes drone filming to a new level.

By Simon Ingram
Published 5 Nov 2019, 17:54 GMT
A unique perspective of barrels at Speyside Cooperage - a facility that makes casks for use ...
A unique perspective of barrels at Speyside Cooperage - a facility that makes casks for use in the drinks industry.
Photograph by National Geographic/Windfall Films

With the rise of drone technology, looking down on the world from the sky has never been easier to do – but what does it tell us? How can the images we take from an elevated perspective inform the choices we make as terrestrial dwellers, or help us learn about the environment?

These are the subjects explored to jaw-dropping effect in the NatGeo Channel's brand new series Europe from Above, which premieres on November 10th. Each episode looks at a different country across the continent, recruiting cutting edge hyper-lapse aerial photography to track the evolving seasons, reveal water freezing and flowers bursting into bloom and to give perspectives on some of the most dramatic natural wonders. 

“The idea for the series was to create a stunning vision of Europe, from above, over the course of a year and through the changing seasons,” says National Geographic's Matt Taylor. “We might see an autumn forestscape suddenly transform into a winter wonderland, as if time were sped up.”

Gallery: Fascinating snapshots of Europe from Above 

But expanding the possibilities of aerial filming, Europe from Above also takes a different angle on human activity – whether dizzyingly documenting workers on Barcelona's Sagrada Familia, hovering over a factory the size of a city in Germany, flying over a supercar school in the Alps – and taking a skyscraper tour of London. And while Europe from above gains coveted access to airspace and reveals some electrifying angles, it's the stories that add a layer of fascination.

“The series feels like National Geographic Magazine come to life,” continues Taylor. “Curious stories, such as swordfish fishermen in Italy, or the incredible shape of Fort Bourtange in the Netherlands that can only be seen properly from above. These stories are not stereotypes of a country but rather interesting and often unusual snapshots that as a whole make up their national identity.” 

Europe from Above premieres on the National Geographic Channel November 10 at 9pm

Europe From Above – Watch the Trailer
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