11 Incredible Images That Bring Home The Wonder Of Planet Earth

Ever since humankind has travelled beyond earth, space flight has provide a unique perspective of our home planet–the remarkable blue marble spinning in space.

By Kieren Puffett
Published 27 Mar 2018, 17:34 BST

It is a rare few that have travelled into space–just 556 people have escaped earth's gravitational pull and blasted into space–that have had the chance to place earth into a cosmic perspective. That's a precious few out of the billions of people who inhabit planet earth. Even fewer, just 24, have watched earth shrink in the distance until it is the size of a face of a wristwatch and a mere six have been completely alone as they travelled round the dark side of the moon.

The images captured on these different space flights, however, as well as the testimony of the astronauts who crewed them, enables the rest of us to share the wonder of the blue marble spinning in space that we all call home. 

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