50 Years on the Moon: Listen to the Sounds of the Space Age

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, we bring you the original audio from the Evatone Flexi-disc released with the historic December 1969 issue of National Geographic.

Published 28 Jun 2019, 14:39 BST, Updated 3 Jul 2019, 20:53 BST
The Sounds of Space

The original December 1969 edition of National Geographic was a historic celebration of a historic event: the first successful mission to land a human being on the moon. This month in National Geographic (UK) you can re-live the drama of the age with a 64-page reprint of the original coverage of the mission.

But there is one thing missing: the Evatone 'flexi-disc' recording that carried a special programme dedicated to the 'Sounds of Space.'

A run-through of exploration beyond our atmosphere until those first steps of July 1969, the disc was played on a turntable and narrated by astronaut Frank Borman. And here we have digitised the 11-minute recording for you to experience in full, atmospherically-retro glory – complete with 'heavenly choir' of satellite chatter.

The July 2019 issue of National Geographic with 64 page special 1969 moon landing reprint is available in the UK from all good retailers from July 4.

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