Japan: Sumo in the spotlight

With the Rugby World Cup approaching, we turn to focus on Japan’s most sacred sporting contest.

The Cotswolds: The Olimpick Games

I’m about to make my Olimpick debut. It’s gone 8pm, and I’m on a hill in the Cotswolds. A dozen of us are milling around in running shorts on the edge of what’s being termed the main arena, a level(ish) patch of land with giddying views over the Vale of Evesham

The athlete: Mo Farah interview

The Somali-born British track and field star Mohamed ‘Mo’ Farah became a 2012 Olympics hero after winning two golds and delighting viewers and spectators with his trademark ‘Mobot’ pose. There’s nothing stopping him now as he travels the world, from Barbados to Oregon, to train and compete
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Jordan: Cycling through the desert

My wheels aren’t the only thing digging deep as they sink into the soft ochre sand with every pedal revolution

Homage to Catalonia

Culture buffs will lose their hearts on a bike tour of Catalonia — a rugged, pine-scented coastal region that Salvador Dalí called home. Far beyond the hubs of mass tourism this two-wheeled trip reveals hill-top towns, wild beaches and the training paths of Lance Armstrong
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Game on: See the Rugby World Cup at Setouchi's Kobe Misaki stadium

The Rugby World Cup will touch down in Japan next year, with thousands flocking to see 'the game they play in heaven'. Yvette Caster finds out more