Gothenburg and Málaga: are these Europe's most forward-thinking cities?

Meet the European Capitals of Smart Tourism 2020, lauded for redefining their urban environment.

Life in balance: human tales from the wild Galápagos Islands

Who lives on the Galápagos Islands? We meet the residents who have learned to coexist with the islands' rare and endangered wildlife.

Without wings: 11 no-fly adventures for 2020

Whether you'd like to travel responsibly or want to reduce your carbon footprint from flying, these 2020 overland trips have no flying involved.

The new generation of green hotels

Carbon offsetting, staying local, consuming less: being green used to be down to the individual, but things are scaling up. Increasingly, it’s the international chain hotels and luxe franchises that are making environmentally savvy decisions that have the potential to create a blueprint for wider change.

The future of tourism: Q&A with CEO and activist Justin Francis

Following the launch of Responsible Travel’s Future of Tourism manifesto earlier this year, CEO and activist Justin Francis talks about the unprecedented challenges facing the tourism industry — and travellers themselves.

Cause & effect: five of the best ethical tours around the world

We’ve pulled together a great list of ethical tours where you’ll truly be giving back to the local communities; where it’s possible to see the tangible impact of your cash, from those that fund grassroots projects to companies ensuring locals benefit.

Hot topic: How far should we go in the name of tourism?

In the wake of the recent murder of a US missionary by indigenous people on a remote island, we look at the arguments surrounding the rise of ‘tribal tourism’

7 ways to take a working holiday in the UK

Since we’re travelling more than ever, why not temper your far-flung escapes with a few rewarding options closer to home?

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