Endangered Baby Howler Monkey Is Known as a 'Drama Queen'

"Every family has that individual who likes to speak their mind. This is Tuli, a rescued endangered Yucatan black howler monkey. Just over a year old, she has a lot to say to her adopted siblings, especially when she disapproves of their behaviour. The young monkeys were rescued from the illegal pet trade, and were brought to the Primate Rehabilitation Centre at Wildtracks Belize. Rehabilitators work to restore the primates’ health and teach them survival skills. Gradually the monkeys are introduced to adopted family groups to form social bonds. A howl from an adult can carry as far as 1.5 miles, due to a specialised voice box. ‘Drama queen’ Tuli and her new troop will be released into the wild at 2.5 to 3.5 years old."

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