British Columbia: into the blue

Whether you’re witnessing whales leaping from the waves or slowly gliding through the water in a kayak, BC’s oceans are all about relishing in the now. Claus Eckbo tell us all about his love of water.

British Columbia: the power of mountains

Melissa Taylor, from Grouse Mountain Resorts, explains how the call of BC’s peaks is one of peace and serenity, sparking a love of the outdoors and a deep sense of gratitude to all who visit.

British Columbia: following a forest path

Chiaxst’n is a guide and cultural ambassador for Talaysay Tours. Here, he talks about his Eden: British Columbia’s ancient forests, where as soon as you pull on your boots, a sense of serenity washes over you.  

Call the Wild: win an outdoor gear bundle worth over £600

Connect with the great outdoors with Destination British Columbia and win gear worth over £600 for your next adventure in the wild

Transformative travel: 10 ways to find a happier you in the West Coast wilderness of British Columbia

The pull to escape to open space has never been more powerful, and in British Columbia, the vast Canadian province where bears and caribou are plentiful and mountains punch skywards for hundreds of metres, heading out into the wild comes naturally.

Eco-adventures in British Columbia: your two-week itinerary for transformational travels

Soul-stilling scenery, Indigenous cultural insights and inspirational conservation initiatives reward those who tread lightly in British Columbia. We show you how to plan the perfect planet-friendly tour, and why it’s so important.

Wake up among giants: go wild camping in British Columbia’s mountains

If you really want to unplug, off-grid camping in British Columbia’s wildest mountain landscapes offers the chance to be at one with nature and enjoy magical encounters with Canada’s most iconic wildlife.

The interview: adventure guide Brian Cross on the lure of British Columbia’s peaks

A born-and-bred British Columbian, Brian shares his passion for the peaks he calls  home — and how best to tackle them.

In conversation with James Cowpar, a member of the Eagle Clan from Haida Gwaii, British Columbia

Giving insight into the rhythms and call of nature, James Cowpar shares his tales about the transformative powers of his home of Haida Gwaii, known to some travellers today as the Galapagos of the North.

Into the blue: six ways to enjoy British Columbia’s healing waters

Backed by the lake-studded Rocky Mountains and pounded by the Pacific Ocean, Canada’s most ecologically diverse province is home to almost infinite watery wonders, from beachside strolls to kayaking. Here are six to get you started.

In pictures: life-affirming adventures among British Columbia's ancient peaks

In a Canadian province that has 10 mountain ranges, including the Rockies, 15,000 miles of coastline and over 1,000 protected areas, venturing into the wild is part of daily life. From helicopter rides to horse riding, there are infinite ways to move through the wilderness here — and be deeply moved by it.

Walk into the wild with British Columbia’s first certified forest therapy guide

Whether exploring forests, mountains, lakes or beaches, spending time in the wilds of Canada’s westernmost province has the power to transform both mind and body, says local guide Haida Bolton.

The call of the wild: searching for grizzly bears and whales on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island

Whether you’re looking for bears in old-growth rainforest, or scanning the horizon for breaching humpbacks, nature abounds in Canada’s wildest province.

Into the wild in Haida Gwaii, Canada's 'Galápagos of the North'

Kayaking through Haida Gwaii, a string of weather-pummelled Pacific islands cast adrift from the western coast of British Columbia, reveals biodiversity on a giant Canadian scale.

Ride the rails through the Rocky Mountains, from Vancouver to Banff

All aboard the Rocky Mountaineer, its dapper carriages climbing leisurely from multicultural Vancouver to the peak-ringed resort of Banff. The two-day route, following historic and hard-won train tracks, reveals supersized summits, pioneering settlements and forested valleys stalked by grizzly bears.

The ultimate hotel guide to Vancouver

With its mountains, forested coastline and buzzing arts scene, it’s no surprise the Canadian city is home to a crop of eco-minded and nature-themed hotels  — with the odd rock ‘n’ roll flourish thrown in. 

Go West: five frozen landscapes to ski in Canada and the USA

From a new hut-to-hut round-trip to expanded resorts, epic back-country routes and bargain cat skiing, we round up North America’s top terrain.

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