Top five all-new European cruise excursions for 2020

From a zip-line over the Croatian Alps to Catalonia’s human towers, here are five of the best new port excursions around the Mediterranean to uncover the region’s diverse character.

Tuscany: into the big blue

Whether you don a wetsuit and tank, perch at the bow of a sailing boat or float along on a paddleboard; Tuscany's Tyrrhenian Sea is ripe for exploration

Watch This Alien-Like Worm Pulsating Underwater

This is the female Bonellia viridis, more commonly known as the green spoon worm. It is usually found in waters more than 30 metres (65 feet) deep and can reach a length of more than 15 centimetres (6 inches). Sex is not determined until after the young have settled, but the female green spoon worm is significantly larger than the male. The species is native to southern Australia but can also be found in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and northeast Atlantic Ocean. The spoon worm has an extendable feeding proboscis that can reach up to 10 times its body length. Like most spoon worms, B. viridis feeds on bits of discarded organic matter by extending its proboscis over sediment on the seafloor. But it also has neural poison in its skin to paralyse small animals for an extra snack.

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